I haven’t had time to write in days and it’s driving me nuts. So tonight I just want to share a quick rant primarily for our Believer friends. You don’t have to be Religious to roll with me. I respect your beliefs because this is America. You are free to believe in any God or in no God at all where I come from.

With that said…

It is no secret that our founders stood behind an idea of human rights that belonged to every man, woman, and child. These rights were protected by our constitution but granted only by God our Father. That was the prevailing belief that built a great nation 230+ years ago.

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So my question to any of you is this…will you bow down to Obama or any of your elected servants? Shame on you if you say “yes.” These people were elected to serve you and they spit in your face when they suggest that they rule you.

You are born of Royal Blood. Your brothers are Princes. Your sisters are Princesses. Your Father is the King of Kings.

You are incapable of being governed or ruled. Your Father made that very clear and it is your birthright to live as nothing less than part of your royal lineage.

There may be a time in the future when you have to summon your courage and you need to remember who you are. We all have fears but courage is the simple ability to go on in spite of those fears.

The American Patriots stand united. We don’t all share the same beliefs but we will respect one another and stand as one to defy all comers.

At the time when our greatest fears are realized we must draw upon personal beliefs and the trust in our fellow Americans. We must have each other’s backs. There is no other way.

Our founders warned us that our government could become corrupt so we need to be prepared for that possibility. They prepared us for that eventuality by giving us the right to bear arms. If the government tries to take away our 2nd amendment rights it could be the spark that ignites civil war. 

We must remember that we stand for something greater than ourselves and we must remember that something better is waiting for us. Without those beliefs we will give in to cowardice and slavery. Our birthright is freedom. Dying for freedom is much greater than living as a slave.

I think our politicians and so-called leaders need to ask themselves the same question that many of us have already answered.

So how about it Barrack? Who is your Daddy?

We will not bow to you…now…or ever!!!