Note from publisher: We have no way to fact check any of this. It is being passed freely over the internet and was emailed to me by a reader. Read this and make your own educated decisions. I know, I carry one secret with me til my death because if I let known what I know about a certain situation that happened in the 1990s, I would probably be dealt with in a very harsh way. Please just read this as an opinion piece. I would understand anyone’s need to hide their identity in this situation, but that does not make it real. The below is a quote, no changes have been made in regard to grammar, spelling, or anything at all.-Dean

To the American People,

I would like to take a moment to tell you about myself. I have served this country true and proud as an American Soldier as did my father. I am the type of man that would give my life for my enemy as long as his heart and morals were In the right place. I refuse to stand at public events as a veteran when there are men and women who have lost their lives and cannot stand tall beside me. I am a Christian who believes Gods word and do not place nor take words from scripture. No money or threats can buy my loyalty. I am not Republican nor Democrat, I have never voted in any election. I am a Sheep Dog. I am pro life yet willing to sacrifice to protect the innocent. I am a man you will see on the front lines in battle. I am a free American and ready to give my life for the protection of each one of you.

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The reason I have discussed my character, beliefs, and background is to hopefully show you this document is real and not created as a political scheme or made up. I cannot give you my name due to the information that follows places me as a Threat to National Security. If this goes viral as I hope it will, I will be looked for and if found be charged and placed in prison. The way our government is taking us I will die on the battle field defending our freedoms and not in a cell.

One of few things will come about from this document. One, it will be looked at as spam and it will not be taken seriously. Two, it will go viral and our government will deny these accounts. Three, if it goes viral and becomes known, our government will begin propaganda, possibly write another document or have someone claiming to be me and that I made it up. Understand this will be the only document and nor will I publicly state I made this document up. I will die before I sell out. If I am brought into custody for this, there is one more document to be release with a picture, name, and proof of my military background to prevent politicians from covering it up. Do not trust any politician for any reason. Every politician can and will be bought.

At some point during training overseas with other forces  I.D’s that belonged to American POW’s from a mole in the Vietnamese military were recovered from a know POW camp. This government contacted the United States and requested permission to go and recover our POW’s. President Bush Sr and advisors denied it. I would imagine right now you are asking yourself why would our country deny the recovery of POW’s that are still alive? Think of it this way. If any POW was recovered, the American people would see how our government has failed us and left our men behind. No country would allow us to do this so this would mean the beginning of World War III. When the Vietnam War ended the Vietnamese agreed to return all POW’s. They only returned some.

I was a soldier and understood that if this got out thousands of men would die trying to recover a handful of men who are more than likely in their 60’s by now. This has haunted me since that day. I placed myself in their shoes and came to the conclusion that I would not want anyone’s blood lost due to me so I kept it inside. I cannot promise you that these POW’s are still alive today but I can assure you the American Soldiers I.D was real and they were very alive and still held captive.

During President Bush Jr’s term a few short years later a night operation occurred. A small cache of nuclear warheads was discovered. As the soldiers begun to communicate their find an unknown American agency intercepted their radio signal and surrounded the soldiers. (From my experience overseas I would say OGA. Other Government Agencies. Former military personnel that basically do covert missions and politicians dirty work.) The American soldiers were told to leave immediately and that if spoke of they would be killed. I would imagine you are asking why? What most do not understand is that Republicans and Democrats are not civil. There is an internal war going on and it is only for power not for the good of our country. I assume the black ops were under the instruction of the Democratic party. President Bush sent us over there to disarm Iraq of nuclear weapons. The Democrats wanted the American people to believe President Bush failed so they had black ops search and find any possible traces of nuclear weapons and destroy them. Unfortunately, this cache had not been recovered before American soldiers rolled up on it.


To President Obama, family and politicians alike,

You have taken advantage of the American people. You have sold our freedoms and land to the highest bidder. You have begun to take our religious freedoms away yet allow muslim religion to remain. We have slowly allowed laws to be implemented, regulations to be placed. You have stolen social security for us, lies and deceit to be told within our government and treason by you President Obama. What you also have done is counted on the American people to tuck our tales and only speak to have our words pushed in one ear and out the other as we have for hundreds of years, meanwhile allowing you to rip our freedoms, weapons, and allowing foreign countries to take control of us. You are wrong. No more politics, no more lies, no more deception. We have trusted in our government too long only to watch it fail for the benefit of politicians. I am here to remove each and every unlawful, dirty politician from office.

You know as well as I do this weapons ban is not for our safety. It is to disarm us for a future invasion of a foreign military. How do I know this? Every war that is possible is planned, from air strike to ground troops. Every country the U.S government has created a plan of attack, even on the United States itself state by state. These are government facts not assumptions. The time is here Mr. President. The time of the American people laying down and just talking is over.

My promise to you and your family Mr. Obama. The day you allow foreign soldiers on our soil is the day I will rise and bring the American people with me. You can shut down air travel, the oceans, and roadways, but this you have my word. We will find each and every dirty politician who sold our country. You will be removed from power for treason. No amount of power, money or promise will prevent this. You and your family will be placed on a ship by American hands. You will not be harmed mentally or physically by any man. We will ensure you have the proper care during the journey. Doctors will give you the proper shots and medical to prevent from sickness or death. Once we reach your home land you will be left with your Muslim brotherhood.

Mr. President this is not a threat nor is it an act of terrorism. These are the words of a free American. A man that is obligated to defend his country from tyranny, foreign and domestic as a last line of defense. The words of a man that holds every soul that has perished in battle for your betrayal to their country and a man who is ruled by only one, and that is Christ Jesus himself.



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To all,

The time is soon to come. Do not listen to anymore of our Governments lies and cover-ups. Our country has kept us divided for this very day.

Every man and woman has asked at some point, how many out there will fight? How many will give their life for this country and not bow to these traitors? I will be the first to take a direct stand against our government and their illegal activity to slowly eradicate us as a boiling frog in water. If we do not come together as one right now, we will lose this war and fall into a communist state within the first 72 hours. We cannot wait any longer. It is time for white, black, brown, Chinese, and any other faces of the American people to come together. United we stand and divided we will fall. When the time comes to give up your weapons, refuse. When our Government wants one state to give them up make a stand right then and there. One state today means all 50 tomorrow. You are not alone and when you are fired upon for defending your Second Amendment, we will come. We will unite and come for our brothers in arms and we will defend ourselves to the death. This you have my word as a soldier and a man of God.



A free man and brother in arms of The United States of America.