In todays United States, we swear by politically correct. We ignore the bounds of right and wrong. We allow for mistakes and errors without the possibility of retaliation or expectation, especially when it comes to our national leaders.

We are complacent, comfortably numb. As long as no one “stirs our cool-aid” we could care less what happens to the next guy. We have lost all sense of identity as an American culture and have developed a warped sense of “National Pride”.

Again and again I am reminded of Thomas Paine. His words of common sense are frighteningly applicable to our current national stage. Everything that is right and reasonable pleads and says tis time to part(para).

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Our Nation has forgotten that war is ugly and should be a last resort. When we do go to war, we expect our military to fight with a white glove in its hand to simply slap our enemies with it. Rather than the ideology that war is in fact hell and that no one is truly innocent. If you are the civilian of a foreign country in which we have declared war against. You are my enemy. Be you holding a rose or an AK-47. War in this nation would cease if and when someone stood up and said: “We tire of this… General, you have the authority to take every measure to end this war quickly and no collateral damage shall stop you.”

A declaration to the world that we shall no longer tip toe in politics. A final Olive Branch of peace and understanding should be handed to those we call enemy. If they do not take it? We make deep craters and a lot of dust. It is our governments duty to us the people to not only prevent but to end conflict as fast as possible.

It is also our governments responsibility to secure our freedoms, rather than take them away to secure our lives. We should all be willing to suffer no less than death in order for liberty, freedom, and the idea of America to live on beyond us.

It is not our governments responsibility to care for us in any way. Do you not believe me? Please show me anywhere in the Bill of Rights that implicates this? Please show me to the words of the Constitution that implies the governments responsibility to do so? Infact both documents have been circumvented to allow the creation of social systems.

What many of you fail to realize is that the HCA is actually unconstitutional until you change the method to be a part of the tax system. A nifty way of usurping The Constitution. Do not count out the Republicans though… They too have usurped our treasured documents with the PATRIOT act and other similiar laws. The Republicans want us the citizens limited in power. The Democrats wish us to be “taken care of” by Uncle Sam on our dime.

I ask you. If the IRS cannot run a whore house and sell whiskey in Nevada, and the rest of our government has a total of twelve other entitlement programs that are all running in the red. HOW do we expect them to successfully care for our health? A Government that took in a total of 2.2 Billion in revenue for 2011 and wants to spend 11 Trillion in 2013.

Again! I am reminded of Thomas Paine, we cannot continue to enslave our children to our debts. “I am not induced by motives of pride, party or resentment to espouse the doctrine of separation and independence. I am clearly and consciously persuaded that it is in the best interest of this continent to be so”.

I draw no distinction between our current and worthless Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of government that our ancestors did of the English Parliment and King George.
The tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of the tyrannical and the patriot. Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.

The time is drawing closer for revolt. The time that we the citizenry are no longer comfortably numb will come sooner rather than later. There will be a moment where you realize Wall Street was never the problem. The problem was then the same problem we have today. King George and his men.