A friend of mine recently found himself in financial need. I made a deal to help him. I am not overly wealthy myself now so I told him he would have to wait until payday. I told him I’d loan him $500. My own family is hurting too, but I wanted to help. We will find a way to survive. We always do.

egyptUnfortunately things have changed for my friend. His wife has apparently been cheating on him and has made him move out of the house. Doris called me last night to tell me that she and her new boyfriend are still in financial need and asked me when her and Clyde (her new boyfriend) could be expecting the $500 I promised to loan them.

A deal is a deal. Right?

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Unfortunately that is exactly what our so-called leaders think. None of us in our right mind would honor the deal with our friend to support his soon to be ex-wife’s new boyfriend. But that is exactly what our government is allowing to happen.

Delivery of twenty F-16 Fighter Jets and hundreds of tanks, costing U.S. taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, is set to begin as early as January 22, 2013.

This deal was made with a regime that has “been kicked out of the house.” This deal was made with Mubaruk, not Morsi.  If we send these weapons we are sending them into an unstable situation and could potentially be arming a nation who could decide to use those weapons against our allies in Israel, or even against our own service men and women in the region.

A deal is not always a deal, but there are obviously some “special interests” in play. This deal should have been voided the minute the unrest became clear in Egypt. Cancelling or delaying these shipments is a prudent decision but not one that our leaders seem to agree with.

You have to ask yourself, “What is the real agenda here?” We don’t have time for those questions, however. Over 200,000 of us have signed a petition to have this stopped. Once we get it stopped we can take some time to debate the issue and decide whether this is a prudent gesture by our government in the future.

Here is what I am urging you to do:

  1. Sign the petition below and show that you do not support sending our jets and tanks to Egypt.
  2. Pass this article or the petition along to every single person you know. Use social media or any creative form of word of mouth that you can, but please spread the word. This is an issue that American people are united about, and it has nothing to do with a political agenda. We must help to organize them.
  3. Call, email, and write your representatives. Respond to any similar petition you can find. We have little time to stop this.

As I have witnessed before, the American people will stand up and fight for what is right. Sending weapons to a volatile situation in Egypt is not the right thing to do. I am counting on all of my Patriotic friends to help me stop this.

Sign the petition here and make your voice heard.