clownOn August 1st 2012 I got a letter that was mandated by the W.A.R.N. Act. The letter stated that in 60 days my employer would be ceasing operations. I had 60 days to prepare for that eventuality.

I did pretty well. In just over 60 days I added almost $3000 to our savings. It may seem trivial to some but the point was that I did whatever I could to support my family. I worked over 200 hours of voluntary overtime and even worked Sundays. My goal was simply to face the looming problem head on.

What does that have to do with the looming Fiscal Cliff and a 500 billion dollar tax increase? Everything. It has everything to do with it. You can tell a lot about how people feel by how they act. Words are words and you can not always trust them, but actions usually paint an accurate picture.

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Today, on the 28th of December, barely 72 hours before this “impending crisis” and “deadline of doom” the politicians have picked turkey from their teeth and they are holding an emergency meeting with Obama and top legislators.

They want it to look like they are bending over backward to make this deal work. The truth is that they really don’t care.  If they cared they would have acted a little differently in the previous weeks and months.

I never thought I would quote the late Joe Paterno in a political post but I think his words speak truer than most on this subject:

The will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital. -Joe Paterno

What we have here is another story of ants and grasshoppers. While the worker ants (you and I) were saving for Christmas presents back in June, unhooking our cable to make ends meet, selling unwanted items at the pawn shop to pay for our daughter’s wedding, working overtime to cut into our credit card debt, and all of those other “necessary” things that real people do…these grasshoppers were avoiding their responsibilities. This should have been taken care of months ago, or at least weeks ago.

They were avoiding responsibilities to us, and they claim to be our servants. We are forced to make things work in our lives because if we bounce checks we go to jail. If an elected official bounces a check it comes with a pat on the back and another term in office. Let’s not forget that it is our money that they are spending.

My father taught me long ago that you quit when a job is finished. My Dad was “old school.” I learned my work ethic through him. So Christmas should have been cancelled in Washington D.C. this year. It would have been if this were the Garrison Household. They could have delayed their Christmas celebrations like real American families are sometimes forced to do. We don’t like it but we do what me must do. The job was not done and they should have finished it.

Now, long after the problem should have been fixed, if they fail to reach a deal the Democrats will blame Republicans, and Republicans will blame Democrats. The House will blame the Senate and vice-versa. Everyone will blame the president and he will blame anyone he can find. That’s how it works. We all know it.

They are all to blame. From the very top, all the way down to our junior congressional leaders…they all share the blame. 

This piece of legislation will effect 300 million Americans and the President was in Hawaii. The legislators were also on vacation with their families, while 300 million people who were counting on them were an afterthought.

This is just another obvious flaw in our system. Our elected servants don’t care about getting results for our families unless it’s an election year. When something is finally done, they will fight over credit or blame for what happened. One side will spin it to make it look like the greatest piece of legislation in American history. Their media buddies will be lining up waiting to report the great news, whether it’s Fox News or CNN. Great news makes money for the media. The media is guilty of the same “spin tactics” as our elected officials.

I used to think that the people who went around shouting “Vote against all incumbents” were insane. Most of us seem to think that the solution should be to vote against all “Democrat” or “Republican” incumbents only. LOL It’s time to search your heart and be honest. Does it really make a difference?

I know you feel passionate about some issues and I do too. I am a conservative. But being a conservative doesn’t give me a right to keep endorsing a man or woman who gets no results.

We are totally divided and they know this. A divided people will never be able to agree to rise up against tyranny. Make no mistake, they understand the psychology of the masses and they are begging you to keep thinking that way. The 2nd amendment is a huge issue now, and for good reason. The irony is that I am not sure this nation would ever be able to revolt against this government. What are you going to do? Are you going to shoot your neighbor because she is a Democrat and doesn’t support the revolution? Can her husband live since he is a Libertarian? If we remain divided we can’t act, and they know this.

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For all of the greatness of the two-party system of old, it is showing more and more flaws in recent years. I think the system is corrupt and people are starting to recognize it. You and I are supposed to be on the same team, but we blindly follow bad leaders who teach us to hate each other over political differences.

They don’t really care about those differences nearly as much as we do. If they did they would roll up their sleeves and be ready for a Christmas Day brawl on Capitol Hill. Instead, they probably exchanged Christmas cards with their opponents and went home to what they truly care about…themselves. They want us to continue the fight on their days off, or course, by spreading our opinions on Facebook and Twitter. They work us into a frenzy and they go chillax with their families.

They love the fact that you and I can’t agree on the simplest issues. It’s just part of the conspiracy and part of the spin that keeps these corrupt people in power.

My Dad was a great man. I hope that some day I can be 1/10th of the man that he was. He was as honest as they came. When he gave you his word, he meant it. People like that don’t make it to Washington D.C. and it’s a shame that they don’t.

What are we going to do about it?