This year has gone by with amazing speed it seems like. The past 4 years tho’, in ‘political time’, has (on occasion) felt more like a hundred. So much literal CRAP Obama packed into just 4 years time! AND to add the cherry on top, we get another 4 years that will begin feeling more like 2 hundred years within another year or two from now. And so it goes. The song remains the same. No surprise really. I doubt there was any other intended outcome meant for this election…I mean apart from if we actually ‘did’ have fair elections in this Country as they were intended to be. All of us (well, ‘mostly’ all of us), are sensible enough to understand that we don’t. This isn’t our Country anymore, folks. I think Romney’s quick concession of the November election when the votes weren’t even all in yet and counted, quickly followed up by his bizarre hasty retreat from the stage should tell people something (couple that too with so many reports of faulty voting machines as well as accounts of ‘rampant’ voter fraud happening all across the Country). That’s just the harsh reality of the matter. Obama knew it too. How could he not?? He unintentionally made that known by his slip to the Russian Prime Minister a few months ago into an ‘open’ mic about his having more ‘flexibility’ after the November elections. The Elitists have usurped our Government from us! America no longer belongs to we the people and to believe that it still does is to hold fast to a delusion! An admirable delusion, but a delusion none the less.

As I stood outside the other day, enjoying a smoke with a hot steaming cup of black coffee, I looked out across snow patched Nebraska countryside under an overcast sky, a bitterly cold wind stirring, thinking for a minute of what life must have been like for folks around 235 years ago. A much hardier and more genuine breed of people than so many of these clueless and generic masses we have nowadays, coasting through their vacant lives on fumes. So many vast repositories of luxury we enjoy and take for granted today that hadn’t even been imagined yet for the most part in the formative years following our Nations birth. Indoor plumbing was an outhouse. Food was either home grown in the fields, tracked and shot off the hoof, the wing, or caught from the rivers. A fireplace and an abundance of wood during harsh winters was the furnace and fuel. Central air in the summer time would have been having two windows directly opposite each other from either side of a sod house and a decent cross wind blowing through. Their mode of transportation relying upon the Horsepower of actual Horses. Electricity was still turned on by the strike of a match. Qualities of life they would consider resplendent, we would probably regard as quaintly primitive by today’s superficial standards. You have to wonder how those from that time would view what we’ve become as a Nation and a people today. I mean aside from our having become soft and apathetic to this engineered decline we appear currently caught in the grip of. What would the progenitors of our shared heritage think of us? What would they think of those today who seem dedicated to ensuring this decline of our Country they sacrificed, persevered, and labored through so much to pass on to their children, and their children’s children? I imagine there would be appreciable variations of feelings ranging from consternation and dismay, to outright horror and uncompromising indignation giving way to wrath. Understandable, considering that in those days, they didn’t have political correctness decimating common sense and the courage to instinctively act upon it!

They would have rightly deduced by the cumulative massing of successive evidence exactly who the Traitors are, the threat they posed, and would have subsequently dispatched those traitors with the extreme prejudice they merited! There would be none of this political theater, media sensationalizing, politically correct Bullshit! I imagine our ancestors would be completely astounded too at how the greatest free Nation in the history of the world had been tolerated to come under the dominance of such seditious Traitors and a host of their lowest common denominator Useful Idiots. What a sad commentary when you think of where we came from leading up to this present point in time. Then look at where we are now.

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But none of this we’ve experienced with Obama for what feels like forever already, would even have gotten anywhere close to this far under our ancestors scrutiny. They would have had the good sensibilities to recognize a threat when it presented itself and the grim resolve to deal with it decisively! Understand and just imagine that if (in those days) anyone then had ambitiously attempted anything remotely close to what this despotic usurper we have now has been allowed to get away with, they would have been hung by the neck for High Treason against the United States and the American people! They just would have been. It genuinely would have been a clear issue to those people in terms of black and white, with none of this various ‘shades’ of gray crap thrown in.
Lets imagine too that if there would ever have been a ‘white’ Obama back then, he would have been finished before he even began. It’s simple to understand really when you consider that we were a more virtuous Nation by a larger portion in those times. Observance to propriety was an essential and critical element of social convention and custom. In other words, a man was ‘known’ by the company he kept and those associations he maintained spoke volumes to the character of the man. By that standard of reasoning then, if a ‘white’ Obama with the sort of associations the black Obama has, would even have dared entertain the notion of running for President, a ‘notion’ is all it would have amounted to. They would have spotted Obama coming from a mile away. A rather indirectly sobering look at just how far our standards have plummeted throughout the intervening years tho’, huh?

So what would Americas earlier settlers think of us and this absurdly surreal and completely avoidable destination we’ve arrived at in our Country today? I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I’m pretty confident there would be no short supply of scorn, contempt, outrage, and disgust felt on their part if they could see what I see go on in our Country every day….