I don’t know about anyone else’s thoughts to all of the sensationalized media hoopla that NEVER ends, but I’m worn out listening to anymore about this fiscal cliff our Country’s supposedly heading for at break neck speed! And in the midst of Republican & Democrat budget negotiations between Congressional House Speaker John Boehner, & Obama, it has become obvious by Obama’s incongruous offers throughout these negotiations, that he has absolutely no interest in averting this looming fiscal crisis he has spent the past 4 years of his first term orchestrating! I’m weary at trying to bridge this gap of reason & sense that (by my layman’s powers of observation) seems completely absent in this ensemble of incapable boobs we exasperatingly look to today for our Nations “so-called” leadership. This pervasive degradation our Country has underwent since my far away days as a kid of the 60’s & 70’s, leading us to this destination we’ve arrived at today is, by any definition, dismaying! Simply saying, “I don’t recognize what America is becoming or has become now”, doesn’t even give adequate emphasis at how diluted down & complacent we’ve become! But like this euphemistic “Fiscal Cliff mobile”, Obama has his foot floored on the gas pedal of, this degradation didn’t just coalesce out of thin air on its own & “steer” itself. It too has been orchestrated by design & with malevolent intent! But I’ve discussed this before, so…

…I digress. Obama simply has no interest in doing anything potentially beneficial for the United States or the American people! After these past 4 years, the writing on the wall attesting to that fact should big enough to cover an IMAX Theater screen by now! Anyone paying attention & possessing even a margin of common sense & discernment should have reached that conclusion on their own long before this point! America does NOT have a friend in Barack Hussein Obama! Neither in Obama, OR ANY of his anointed disciples he has saturated throughout every branch of our Government! Lets not forget either, Obama facilitating the incursion of the Muslim Brotherhood via his Administration throughout sensitive & critical areas of our Governments National security as well as now dictating policy to various State Law Enforcement Agencies across our Country. Shit, I could go on forever, but I’d like to think most of us are already acquainted well enough with this pathological liar & treasonous psychopath to probably last a couple of lifetimes. Or at least as acquainted as we can manage to stomach anymore.  

We do NOT have a friend in any establishment career politician tho’! I haven’t seen any evidence that we do as Obama has, with brazen arrogance & an intrinsic contempt, worked diligently towards his ambitions of subverting & eroding the foundations of our Republic! And like a virulent strain of bacteria or noxious pathogen, Barack Hussein Obama seems remarkably immune & resistant to any form of accountability for his gross dereliction of duty & violation to his sworn Oath to PROTECT & DEFEND the Supreme Law of the Land we have in the Constitution! BUT its not as if there’s any genuine effort being put forth by the GOP to hold him to account since they appear otherwise preoccupied doing what they do best, & that is bending over & grabbing their ankles for this unqualified travesty, & further accommodating Obama’s legislated sedition & despotism he has diligently sought to advance upon every one of us from the beginning! I mean who cares in Washington, if Americans die under Obama’s gross deficiencies of leadership or necessary qualifying experience! By virtue of his color alone by today’s shitty standards, that negates any reasonable criticism of this homicidal buffoon & gets you classified by his obsequiously nauseating garrisons of Storm-Troopers in the servile liberal media as a dreaded “RACIST!”, but then (again in another of my several opinions), these worthless traitors can all go straight to Hell! How this collection of seditious Jackasses manage to maintain ANY semblance of (ridiculous) credibility given their  flagrant deficit of possessing even a shred of journalistic objectivity, ethics, or  principles is a profound mystery to me that ranks right up there with Area 51, Bigfoot, & that gunman on the grassy knoll. They engage & persist in a reprehensible narrative of political bias, deceit, & misinformation to the American people! They’ve even been busted on more than one occasion going so far as to purposefully alter footage such as that which they presented against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting incident, during their alleged “news” coverage for the purposes of advancing further racial divisions in accordance with Obama’s strategy of implementing class warfare. And that’s not even touching on their lewd coverage of the Tea Party Movement, & the numerous patently false allegations & accusations of racism & violence they maliciously reported as being factual in basis. It’s baffling to me how they even manage to stay in business trafficking in such blatantly warped & conspicuous prejudices! 

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No, America certainly does NOT have a friend in Barack Hussein Obama. Neither does Israel. Neither does religious freedom in the United States apparently…Unless of course you’re a follower of the Prophet Muhammad. Then you’re in like flint! As Obama stated to the U.N. in an address he gave on the heels of our Embassy being attacked & 4 Americans slaughtered in Benghazi, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam!” Anyone remember him crapping that little pearl of wisdom from his pie-hole?  Back when he was still trying to shamelessly cite some Bullshit youtube video as being responsible for sparking the “spontaneous riot” that led to the deaths of  our UNDEFENDED people in the Libya terrorist attack. Yet for all of Obama’s robust defense of Islam, he has no problem whatsoever demanding religious organizations & faiths here at home to violate their own beliefs & tenets in paying for abortions on demand as required by his steaming greasy pile of  unconstitutional crap legislation we all affectionately refer to as “Obamacare”! 

Political Correctness has completely devastated our National landscape if you look around with eyes that see (plus having the added benefit too of having been around awhile)! Fueled along by liberal & Progressive zealotry! You could look to television programming & movies alone just during these past 4 or 5 decades to apply as a comprehensive sliding scale, charting  just how far we’ve declined in our tastes (or rather our increasing lack thereof). Our schools, media, politics, & entertainment have become so thoroughly saturated by liberals, Communists, & Progressives it’s practically unreal! They represent everything the founding principles of our Country stood against & opposed. They wage their wars on our religion, on our values, on our traditions, exploiting the very Constitution they seek to subvert & using it to put us all in their strangle hold, & what do these unhinged deviants offer in exchange for all they wish to do away with? What? Abortions on demand?!? Queer love?!? There are some seriously malign factions I’ve even seen reported about who would like to go so far as to see ‘pedophilia’ be made an accepted “normalized” behavior by their sick reasoning. Not all admittedly, but just one like that is still one too many! Some incentives tho’, huh? So tell me again how you find a basis for civility when dealing with feral animals such as these? Where do you find ‘common ground’ with such amoral sadists? It’s a simple question that has a simple answer…You do NOT!  

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