I’m not a political analyst, a Beltway Pundit, or a FOX NEWS contributor. You wont see me on Hannity, you wont hear me being interviewed on the Glenn Beck program, & Rush Limbaugh wont ever be singing praises of me to the heavens during his radio broadcast. I am simply that I am an American. Formerly a Republican, now an Independent, & our Country is no longer ‘OUR’  Country!

Our Government is no longer one of the people, by the people, and for the people! You don’t need to be a scholar of political science to understand this statement. You simply have to be paying attention to the reality playing out around us all on a daily basis, and observe it with a measure of discernment, maintained and balanced by common sense. Our Government (as it exists today) is made up of a disharmonious collection of divisive, self-serving elitists who, by comparison, wouldn’t even register as pale shades of those far better men who fought, sacrificed, and labored to ensure our liberty, establish our sovereignty, and  pass down to us in posterity this Republic I still proudly refer to as the United States of America! What we have allowed ourselves to become today, by contrast, is nothing short of a travesty! 

We’ve seen for decades the encroachment on our Country of a seditious entity that refers to itself as “Progressivism”, composed of equally seditious followers who refer to themselves as “Progressives”. We’ve witnessed as they’ve spread their decadent influence throughout our society, subverting & laying waste in their wake to our national landscape, our heritage, our very cultural identity! They’ve taken on a myriad of misleading titles, redirected our focus along a wide assortment of diverging twisted avenues, & have been disturbingly successful in their ambitions! 

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 The crowning pinnacle of their achievements however, I believe, is when they managed to masterfully insinuate their bastardizing doctrine of political correctness into our political & social discourse! From that point on, we’ve allowed ourselves to fight this war for the fate of our Nation on their terms. Fighting, so to speak, by their rules. ‘THAT’ is why we’re losing! They have paved the way for this unqualified obscenity presently occupying the White House! They call themselves Progressives, but I see no ‘progress’ in the digressive decay they evince by their own actions! 

All I’ve seen, or can see result is the self-indulgent anarchy of deviant Traitors, absent of character or conscience to the threat they pose to their own Country & fellow countrymen! In this post 9/11 era in which we live, I can’t help but draw striking similarities then between these liberal Progressives with their political correctness, with that of their Islamist extremist counterparts and Sharia law. For all of its complexity, depth, and scope, once upon a time in our Nations history, we use to instinctively understand a basic truth and simple solution in dealing with Traitors! Does anyone truly believe anything as meager as a ‘vote’ in our corrupted political establishment will restore balance and dissuade these lunatics (who have invested so much time, money, and resources) from their intended plan of subjugation?!? 

Did no one pay attention to this farce that was our 2012 Presidential election?? Did no one else find it strange how fast Romney conceded the election & quit the stage without even contesting ANY of the results, especially with so many reports of widespread voter fraud occurring across the nation?!? Like I stated in the title of my article, you don’t have to be a FOX NEWS pundit to understand things are terribly wrong in America! And you don’t need to know precisely every detail to understand & explain this feeling of wrongness that seems to emanate from our nations capital like a toxic cloud! I guess the real question we each need to ask ourselves, pondering on & mulling over, is what are we truly prepared to do if & when push comes to shove!