To doubt that secession would cause the lives of the people in a particular State to dramatically be altered is an understatement. In fact this writer can find no words to describe the turmoil and hardships that would follow a successful secession vote.  Not only the risk of life and limb, also the State and individual economic and political hardships, which would be involved.

State Economic Hardships:

So I scoured the web to find maps and the raw numbers to illustrate the financial repercussions   from the loss of Federal funds for all fifty states.

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Problem I ran into is: It seems to depend on who you ask as to the answer you get. Ask a Republican run organization and the numbers are higher for Democratic States and slightly lower for Republican States and vice versa for the Democrat run organization. So the numbers are skewed and not worth reading or passing on. The best that I can give you is that each State receives from 90 cents to $2.00 in Federal money for every $1.00 they send to the Federal Government.

So for the sake of argument let us say for every tax dollar received from the States the Federal Government returns to each State anywhere from 90 cent to $2.00 for each dollar paid. Every State receives Federal Tax dollars. <–True Story

Florida is the perfect example of hardships that would be created quickly if the State lost Federal income. Why? Florida does not have a State income tax system. Why do you think everyone retires to Florida? it’s not the beaches, it’s the tax shelter, golf courses and Disney for the grand-kids.

Side note:  Want a recession proof business in Florida? Grave Yards, Crematoriums, and Casket and grave marker sales why? Florida is the retirement capital of the Country. I did not say Mausoleum sales because only an idiot would put one on swamp land.

Basically, Florida would have almost zero income generated by the people within the State. Sure we could make a pretty damn Penny on charging the hell out of the Feds for their Military Bases. Since Mac Dill AFB hosts the Central Command, Special Operations Command, Marine Forces Command and the Africa Command for the Entire U.S. Military. I’d say that’s worth a pretty penny. There are plenty of other revenue generating industries.

Florida’s Economic Strengths post secession is as follows:

  • International Trade (40% of all U.S. exports to Latin and South America pass through Florida)
  • Tourism – with 76.8 million visitors in 2004 (a record number), Florida is the top travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an economic impact of $57 billion on Florida’s economy.
  • Agriculture – Florida leads the southeast in farm income.
    Florida produces about 75% of the U.S. oranges and accounts for about 40% of the world’s orange juice supply.
  • Services – growth in high tech, financial & back office operations
  • Software – many small, entrepreneurial companies
  • Health Technology (medical, biotech, laboratories)

Individual Economic Hardships:

All “entitlements” would vanish into this air. Those who were the poorest would starve to death or the State Government would have to find a way to keep the programs open. This on top of the fact that the price for everything goes up because there would be import and export tariffs imposed almost immediately.  The State would host two cultures, American and Island culture. This culture gap would create an economic gap between the two cultures. Which if the State saw to it to stick to their guns on individual responsibility you would see a major exodus from South Florida to the next closest Union State or to Central Florida. Barring natural disaster the Florida Citrus Industry would see a massive boom from the lack of Federal regulations. With enough deregulation the citrus and farming industry could in fact prop up Florida’s economy or doom it to collapse.  The major jobs creation would be tech or farming.

Political Hardships:

Florida Passport would be required just to get on a plane and leave the State; just as you would need one to get back into the State. Florida is very lax on illegal immigration the wet foot / dry foot law would not be enforced. The level of migrant workers would surge. There would be the initial then constant threat of invasion from the U.S. Government, unless a cease fire and treaty were signed almost immediately.  Let us say that no less than Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas left the Union as well. If such States were to form a new country the combined economic power would keep them afloat. Texas being the single largest bread winner (14th largest economy in the world) and general control of the Gulf of Mexico would then be established with the exception of Louisiana waters.

So Florida could survive?

As Florida stands today absolutely not in any way shape or form. The level of adjustments that would need to be made would keep any State Senator and House Representative burning the candle at both ends. Unless there was an immediate ratification of the Original United States Constitution, then a literal nit-picking of individual laws and mandates from the Federal Government.

Value in Secession?

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What is the value in secession? It seems pretty clear that to secede is pretty much a warp speed to life sucking by factor of ten.  The value is what you are willing to trade for. Freedom for security just is not a fair trade to me. I am at my wits end with the 4th Amendment being pissed all over by the PATRIOT Act. I am at my wits end with the 10th Amendment being pissed all over by the Affordable Care Act. I am at my wits end with the idea that any American is “owed” anything other than the inalienable rights guaranteed to them under the U.S. Constitution. You have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Not the right to happiness. You have the right to starve to death for being lazy or being unable to find a job. <– Force personal responsibility and you will see how quickly things change!

You have the right to an education but you are responsible to obtain it. You have the right to live (meaning no person has the right to kill you or take your life); you have the right to liberty. These rights are given to you but you must fight to not only keep but to be able to utilize them. We as Americans have the choice to struggle or fall into the abyss. If someone so chooses to fall into the abyss and willingly goes quietly into the night, it is not to your neighbor to pull you out against their will. They themselves have their own responsibilities to care toward.

The only value in secession is the value you place on the founding principles of this nation. What is the world you want your grand and great grand-children to know? How does your struggle and willingness to give up what you know to seek out Liberty from the Tyrannical measure up against tomorrow?

If you place no fault or value on these principles and wish to live your days peacefully then that is your decision. You are weak minded and deserve to be ostracized and I dare say swing from a noose as a traitor, but that’s my view and opinion. Secession is an American principle and it must never be taken off the table. Reminder: We were whose colonies and we did what?

If nothing else a vote on secession in each State would send a clear message to Washington that the people have had enough.